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General Information

  • A 2-Way Radio Module allows the VersaCall System to play a recorded message or Text to Speech message over a specific radio frequency.
  • This device can Only be Connected using an open HDMI Port on the Monitor/TV.
  • This device can Only be connected to the Computer/Server via a LPT port.


  • LPT (PCI Board) Connection installed on the VersaCall Computer.
  • 110v power outlet within 6 feet of placement/location.
  • Computer withing 6 feet of placement/location.
  • Mounting location free of metal enclosures.
  • Space for Module to be mounted upright (Antenna at the Top)
    • See measurements above.
  • Dimensions – 13.5” (W) x 15.5” (L) x 6.25” (H)
  • (1) 6’ Power Cord (attached)
  • (1) 6' Serial (LPT) Cable (attached)
  • (1) 6' 3.5mm Audio Cable (attached)
  • (1) 7" Antenna (included)

Install Guides

Instructions on Installing/Connecting a 2-Way Radio Module
Troubleshooting a 2-Way Radio Module Installation
Image of all the Components Inside the Box
Image of all the Connections for the VT3000 to Radio Circuit Board

Step by Step Guides

Module Information
Instructions on how to get the Driver Settings for a 2-Way Module on the System
Guide on resolving an Issue where Audio Stops Playing
Channel Information
Instructions on how to Add a New Radio Channel
Instructions on how to Test a Radio Channel & the Radio Module

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