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General Information

  • The Android Device or HDMI Mini PC, allows a User to View a Specific Panel on a Specific Monitor/TV.
  • This device can Only be Connected using an open HDMI Port on the Monitor/TV.
  • The device can be Setup to Connect to the Network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


  • 110v power outlet within 6 feet of placement/location.
  • TV/Monitor with (1) available HDMI port.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection available.
  • Network connection MUST be on the same network as the VersaCall computer/server.
  • Dimensions – 5.5” (W) x 4.25” (L) x 1.25” (H)
  • (1) 6’ Power Cord (included)
  • (1) 6" HDMI Extension Cord (included)
  • (1) Air Mouse Remote Control
  • (1) USB Dongle used for Remote Control

Install Guides

Instructions on Installing an Android Device on your Monitor/TV

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