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  • Consists of 2 components - a Touch Screen and an I/O Module
  • Can be programmed using the VT3000 Core Software
  • Alarms can be setup as Mono State, Dual State, or Tri-State
  • Reasons Codes available on Set, Acknowledge, or Clear
  • Accepts a Manual, on Screen, Count button
  • Accepts a Process button - start and stop a process/procedure (Production, Job, etc.)
  • Accepts a total of 2 manual buttons - 1 Process & 1 Count OR 2 Counts


BSC Dimensions.png


  • I/O Mounting location free of metal enclosers.
  • (2) 110v power outlets within 6 feet of module placement/location.
  • Mounting location within 100’ of the Computer/Server, Repeater or Other Device.
  • Touch Screen mounting location free of metal enclosures & within 15 feet of IO Module.
  • Ensure the device is mounted in an easily accessible location.


  • Dimensions - IO Module - 5” (W) x 7” (L) x 2.5” (H)
  • Dimensions - Touch Screen – 6.75” (W) x 10” (L) x – 1.25” Screen Thickness
  • (1) 6’ Power Cord attached (IO Module)
  • (1) 6’ Power Cord included (Touch Screen)


Instructions on Installing an I/O & Touch Screen
Instructions on Installing a Replacement Touch Screen
Instructions on Pairing an Existing Touch Screen



Add an Alarm
Add an Alarm - Label
Add an Alarm - Reason Code
Add Communications to an Alarm


|Add a Process
Add an Alarm to a Process
Add a Data Field to a Process


Add a Manual Count Button

Data Field

Add a Key Input Data Field
Add a Shared List Data Field
Add a Static List Data Field

Device Configuration

Send a New Configuration
Send an Updated Configuration
Copy or Duplicate a Configuration

Light Stack Attachment

Attach a Physical Light Stack to an I/O Module
Setup & Configure an Attached Light Stack
Setup & Configure the use of an Attached Light Stack


BSC Firmware Update Home Page - Manual Method - Using Micro SD Card
Update IO Module Firmware Manually - Using the Micro SD Card
Update Touch Screen HMI Manually - No USB Port
Update Touch Screen HMI Manually - Using the USB Port
Update Firmware - I/O & HMI - Wirelessly

Signal Strength

Change Isolation Code (ISO) with the Touch Screen
Change Isolation Code (ISO) with the VT3000 Software - Wirelessly
Change Isolation Code (ISO) with the Micro SD Card - I/O Module - Manually

Isolation Code - ISO

Test the Signal Strength (Mesh Signal)
Test the Bluetooh Signal Strength (I/O to Touch Screen Connection)


Type Subject or Key Word to Query Archives

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