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  • The PC BSC can accept up to 6 Alarm buttons.
  • The PC BSC can accept 4 Alarm buttons with up to 2 Counts or 1 Process & 1 Count.
  • All buttons can be configured inside the VT3000 Core Software.
  • Alarms can be setup as Dual State, Tri-State or Mono-State.
  • Data Fields can be added to Alarms or Processes.
  • This module is used by entering a web address inside a web browser.
  • A Computer or Tablet with a browser and network connectivity is required.




  • Computer or Tablet connected to the same network as the VersaCall Computer/Server.
  • Must have a web browser that can accept a web address.
  • System must have the PC-BSC plug-in installed.
  • PC-BSC plug-in must be licensed.


  • No Hardware is provided.
  • A new/updated PC-BSC license will be provided.


Instructions on Installing a PC BSC Plug-In



Add an Alarm button to your BSC
Add an Alarm with Reasons button to your BSC
Add an Alarm Label button to your BSC
Add Communications to your Alarm button


Add a Process (Start Production/Job) button to your BSC
Add a Data Field to a Process
Add an Alarm to a Process


Add a Count Button to your BSC

Data Field

Add a Key Input Data Field
Add a Static List Data Field
Add a Shared List Data Field

General Use

Opening - Using a PC BSC on your Device
Changing - Switching to a New/Different Station in your Browser
Copy/Duplicate an Existing PC BSC Configuration


Type Subject or Key Word to Query Archives

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