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General Information

  • PC Call Stations are software modules that have 4 fixed buttons.
  • These buttons can be configured as Alarms inside the VT3000 Core Software.
  • Alarms can be setup as Dual State or Tri-State.
  • This module is used by entering a web address inside a web browser.
  • A Computer or Tablet with a browser and network connectivity is required.


Home - PC Call Station

  • Computer or Tablet connected to the same network as the VersaCall Computer/Server.
  • Must have a web browser that can accept a web address.
  • System must have the PC-Call Station plug-in installed.
  • PC-Call Station plug-in must be licensed.

  • No Hardware is provided.
  • A new/updated PC-Call Station license will be provided.

Install Guides

Install Plug-In

Step by Step Guides

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Duplicate Configuration

General Use __________________________________________
Open User Interface
Switch User Interface

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