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General Information

  • The VersaCall Reporting Software II (VRS II) package is an add-on to the VT3000 System that allows for the display and interpretation of captured data.
  • For general reporting requirements, VRS II users can load standard templates and configure the reports to suit their needs.
  • For more specific requirements, VRS II users can purchase custom templates that are tailored to their needs.
  • With tools such as Automated Reports and Saved Reports, VRS II provides management with a fast and uncomplicated way to see productivity on the floor.
PDF Download
  • Select the PDF Icon below to initiate the download.

Basic Functionality

Title Bar Navigation
  • On the VRS II Home Page, the title bar at the top of the page will look like the image below.
  • Each part of the bar provides the user access to specific areas.
  • 1 – click on the VersaCall logo at anytime to be returned to the VRS II Home Page.
  • 2 – click on the Support icon at anytime to submit a Request for assistance. This option is only available if the system has Email enabled. If you are sending out Automated Reports, Email is enabled.
Support Ticket Guide
  • 3 - click on the Help icon at anytime to be returned to this page (VRS II Home Page).
  • 4 - the Options menu provides the user access to specific areas inside the software - click on the down arrow to access the menu. Items available on the menu include:
Options Guide
  • Definition Groups - used for Custom Template mapping.
  • Filter Groups - returns the user to the VT3000 Core Software - Configuration - Filter Groups page. Use Filter Groups to filter data on reports.
  • Report Templates - allows the user to view, upload and remove Report Templates.
  • Automated Reports - allows the user to view, run, edit and remove Automated Reports in the system.
  • Saved Reports - allows the user to edit and remove Saved Reports in the system.
  • Real Time Reports - allows the user to view, run, edit and remove Real Time Reports in the system.
  • Settings - allows the user access to the VRS II Software Settings.
  • Theme Designer - allows the user to edit, view and remove Themes in the system.

Title Bar Navigation
  • Below the Title Bar the user will find the Available Reports section.
  • 1 – all of the Saved Reports in the system will show in the area below the "Available Reports" title. Click on a Report Icon to run the report.
Saved Reports Guide
  • 2 – to create a Report that is not a Save Report, click on the Create a New Report button.
New Report Guide

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