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The VersaCall Reporting Software II (VRS II) package is an add-on to the VT3000 System that allows for the display and interpretation of captured data. For general reporting requirements, VRS II users can purchase standard templates and configure the reports to suit their needs. For more specific requirements, VRS II users can purchase custom templates that are tailored to their needs. With tools such as Automated Reports and Saved Reports, VRS II provides management with a fast and uncomplicated way to see productivity on the floor.

PDF Download
Click on the icon below for a PDF version of the VRS II - VersaCall Reporting Software Manual.

Report Templates
Each VT3000 system purchase includes complimentary templates depending on the type of system. Templates are broken down into 5 separate groups:
Click on one of the Group Icons for an overview of the templates available in that group.
Average Response Time, Average Resolve Time, and Number of Incidents
Downtime Bar Chart, Downtime Breakdown, Downtime Pie Chart, Downtime by Reason Code, and Downtime Percent Comparison
Equipment Timeline, Output Bar Chart, Output Trend, Scrap by Reason Code, and Shift Summary
Availability, Performance – Cycle Time, Performance – Output, Performance – Rate, Quality, and OEE
Export to Excel

Basic Functionality
After selecting the VRS II button on the VT3000 home page and signing in with the username and password, the main page will load. On the page header there are multiple icons that offer specific functionality.
Click on one of the icons to navigate to the page for further information.
Select this icon anytime to return to the VRS II home page. Select the down arrow to access specific options.
Select this icon anytime to submit a Support Ticket. Select this icon anytime to access the VRS II Wiki page.
Select this icon to run a report.


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