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General Information

  • Virtual Panels software is used to create real-time panels or displays.
  • These panels can be viewed on any computer connected to your local intranet.
  • Each section of the VP IV software has a specific purpose in creating the display.
PDF Download
  • Select the PDF Icon below to initiate the download.

Home Screen

  • After selecting the VP IV - Virtual Panels IV button on the Welcome to VT3000 page, and signing in with your username and password, the VPIV home page.
  • The following icons will be shown on the Home page.
  • Select the icon for more information about that section.


  • Tags are components of a Panel or Widget that queries the database for information about Devices.
  • Tags can be set up to retrieve data & status or to create data based on formulas.
Complete Tags Guide
  • Select the icon for more information about that Tag Type.

Keyword Search

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