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General Information

  • This section of the software is used to upload, update, license and remove device plug-ins. Device Plug-Ins are add-on programs for custom or non-default devices.

Basic Functionality

  • Once the page is loaded a list of all installed Plug-Ins will display.
  • Depending on the type of Plug-In, there will be different icons/actions available.
  • Icon - an icon of the Plug-In type will be shown in the 1st column.
  • Name - the name of the Plug-In will show in this column.
  • Version - the version number of the Plug-In will show in this column.
  • Number Of - the total amount of licenses will show here along with how many are currently being used.
  • Icon - icons representing actions or information will show in the last column.

Icon Functionality
There 3 possible icons, each icon has a specific function and certain icons will not be available on all Plug-Ins.
  • Select the Delete icon to remove the Plug-in from the system.
  • Not recommended to use unless specifically instructed to by a VersaCall Technician or there is a need to remove the Plug-In from the system.
  • Any Application, Device or Service associated with the Plug-In will no longer function once the Plug-In is removed.
  • When this icon is visible, it indicates that the Plug-In has not been licensed.
  • Contact VersaCall Support for assistance with this issue.
  • Select the Settings icon to access specific setup detail related to the Plug-In.
  • Generally used to enter the License Key for a specific Plug-In.


  • Use the Load New Plug-In section to add or update a plug-in.
  • Choose Files - select this button to browse to the plug-in file location.
  • Upload - once a plug-in file has been selected, select this button to upload it to the VT3000 software.

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