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General Information

  • This section provides statistics about specific attached hardware.
  • Generally, a VersaCall Technicians will use the section to determine the duration of a hardware issue.
  • There a total of 5 hardware sections available on the page.
  • If your system is not using one type of hardware, nothing will show in that section.

Warning Icons

  • The Statistics page will display a warning icon next to any hardware device that is currently experiencing an issue.

Indicates an issue with the hardware below 20% total errors.

Indicates the hardware is no longer working properly.


  • The Statistics page is divided into 5 sections.
  • Select the appropriate section that is experiencing an issue or for more stats on the hardware.

Audio/Radio - Statistics related to 2-Way Radio units will be shown in this section.

Email - Statistics related to Email Addresses & Text Messages will be shown in this section.

Mesh Network - Statistics related to the Coordinator(s) will be shown in this section.

Paging - Statistics related to the Paging Transmitter will be shown in this section.

Phones - Statistics related to the USB Phone Modem will be shown in this section.

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