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Communications is used with a route to notify outputs via text or audio of an alarms state. In order to set up a Communication Path, a Route must be entered into the system. If you have not set up a Route Click Here for Instructions


Basic Functionality
After adding an Alarm you will have the option to select the Communications tab. The Communications toolbox will show the following icons.
Add a Path Delete a Path Duplicate a Path Copy a Path
Paste a Path Move a Path Up Move a Path Down

Communication Path Properties
After selecting to Add, Edit, Duplicate or Paste a Communication Path - the Properties section will load.
Path Name - enter a name for the Communications Path.
Route - select the Route to be used for the Communications Path.
Lag Time - enter the number of seconds to elapse before the Communications Path is initiated.
State - depending on the type of Alarm, there will be 1 to 3 States available (Set, Acknowledge, Clear).
Text Message - enter the text to be sent to all outputs on the route that accept text.
Use Audio File - select the box if an audio file is to be used for communications.
Audio File(s) - select the audio file to be played for the communication.
Escalate - select if the messages should continue to be sent until the alarm is cleared.


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