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General Information

  • New Users needing to access any component of the VT3000 software, will require a username and password.
  • The user will need to be assigned to a group.
  • Before adding a new user, ensure the group exists.


  • VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
  • Permission to Add or Edit a User.

Video Walkthrough


Open the VT3000 web interface – select VT3000 Core Software - log in – select Administration – select Users.

Select the Add button below the list of Users.

User - Properties:
  • User Name – enter the name for the username for the user.
  • Full Name – enter the full name of the user.
  • Password – enter a password for the user.
  • Email – enter an email address for the user (optional).
  • Phone Number - enter a phone number for the user (optional).
  • User Group – select the group this user should belong to.
  • Theme – select Default or High Contrast.

After all the information has been filled in click on the Save & Exit button to save the user or the Discard & Exit button to remove all changes.

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