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A 2-Way radio module can be purchased for your VersaCall system. This module will attach directly to the VersaCall computer/server using an LPT port and Audio Out port. If your VersaCall computer/server does not have an existing LPT port, you will need to have one installed before proceeding. Please contact VersaCall Support for questions regarding this module.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. Available LPT Port on the VersaCall computer/server.
3. Available Audio Out Port on the VersaCall computer/server.

Hardware Components


Step 1.
Mount the radio module cabinet within 6 feet of the VersaCall computer/server and within 6 feet of a 110 electrical outlet.

Step 2.
Connect the LPT cable to the VersaCall computer/server.

Step 3.
Connect the Audio cable to the VersaCall computer/server.

Step 4.
Plug the radio module cabinet into an electrical outlet.

Step 5.
Open the VT3000 web interface - select Core Software - Administration - System Settings - Service.
3122 10.png
3122 11.png
3122 12.png

Step 6.
Select Audio Out tab.

Step 7.
The following settings are needed to make the Radio module work with the system.
Enabled - check mark the box to enable.
Description - enter a name for the module.
Driver - select Motorola XPR 5000 - select when setting up a Motorola analog or digital radio.
Port - select LPT1.

Step 8.
Select Yes on the Restart warning message. This must be done to complete the setup.
3102 22.png

Step 9.
Restart the VersaCall Service - Click here for Instructions.

Step 10.
After you restart the service you will need to test the Radio - Click here for Instructions.

Step 11.
If your Radio does not test successfully, you will need to use the Troubleshooting Guide - Click here for Instructions.

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