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Radio Channels that will be used to receive communications from VersaCall must be setup as Outputs.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. A Radio Module connected & installed on the computer (LPT Port).
3. Radio must be setup inside the VT3000 Core Software.
4. All Channel Numbers that will be used for communications.




Step 1.
Open the VT3000 web interface – select VT3000 Core Software - log in – select Configuration – select Outputs.
3110 1.png
3107 2.png
Configuration Outputs

Step 2.
Select the Radio Channel icon under the Add New list.
3109 3.png

Step 3.
Radio Channel Properties:
3109 4.png
Output ID – assigned by the VT3000 software.
Output Name – enter a name for the radio channel.
Channel Number – enter the Channel number.
Number of Times to Replay - enter the number of times message should repeat over the channel.
Include Escalation Notification - mark if the system should state what level of escalation has been reached.

Step 4.
Radio Channel Availability.
3108 5.png
Not Available – no messages will be sent to the output.
Always - messages will be sent 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
During Specific Shifts - select the Schedule to be used - select the Shift(s) (check the box) the output is to receive messages during.

Step 5.
Example - Radio Channel 7 available for 3rd shift.
3109 6.png
3107 7.png

Step 6.
Click on the Save & Exit button to return to the Outputs page.
3109 8.png

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