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The The Configuration section is part of the VT3000 Core Software. It is the area of the software that allows users to custom configure the system.
Create & Edit Devices (BSC, PSM, Call Station, Wireless Light, Wireles Audio, Switch Contact Module).
Create & Edit Escalations.
Full customization available for each level.
Create & Edit Contacts.
Email Address, Text Message, Phone Number, 2-Way Radio Channel, Pager, Teams Channel.
Create & Edit 1 or more Schedules for the facility.
Fully customization available for each Schedule, Shift and Break.
Shared Lists
Create & Edit globally accesses lists.
Add, Edit or Remove Items.
Setup Custom data points that differ from the operator interface.
Audio Files
Add and Remove audio files (MP3, WAV).
Filter Groups
Create & Edit groups used to filter data in ALL VersaCall Applications

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