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After adding 1 or more outputs, a printout can be created. Use the printout to verify all the information regarding the output is correct.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. One or more Outputs setup in the system.




Step 1.
Open the VT3000 web interface – select VT3000 Core Software - log in – select Configuration – select Outputs.
3129 1.png 3129 2.png
Configuration Outputs

Step 2.
Select an output from the list to be printed. It will highlight when selected. Select multiple outputs by holding down the CTRL key and mouse click on the output. Click on the Print button when all outputs have been selected.
3129 3.png
3129 4.png

Step 3.
A new tab will open on the browser - the printout will be similar to the image below.
3129 5.png
3127 6.png
3127 7.png
3127 8.png
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