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An I/O module is part of a PSM & TIM, the Switch Contact Module is an IO module without a touch screen interface. All of these can receive wired contacts from outside sources. After you have physically wired your contact into the IO module you will need to setup that Input. This guide explains how to setup the contact/input as an alarm/transition.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. A Coordinator must be setup, powered and communicating with the VT3000 Core Software.
3. Switch Contact, TIM or PSM - the device must be powered and communicating with the system.
4. Contact Wire from your machine must be wired into one of the Inputs on the I/O (Part 1).

Completion Steps




Step 1.
Open the VT3000 web interface – select VT3000 Core Software - log in – select Configuration – select Devices.
3110 1.png
3139 2.png
Configuration Devices

Step 2.
Select the Device that you wired the contact into in Part # 1 - this would be the wires pulled from your machine into the VersaCall I/O or Switch Contact Module.
3139 4.png

Step 3.
Select the Discrete Inputs tab.
3139 5.png

Step 4.
Select the input (VersaCall I/O or Switch Contact Module) that you wired your machine connection into.
3139 7.png

Step 5.
The Input Properties window will show - by default, the type will be set to Disabled - select the down arrow - select Transition.

Step 6.
Discrete Input Properties:
Type – select Transition for an Alarm - contact will either be On or Off.
Enabled – select to enable input - this will make the input active at all times. For most configurations this would be check marked. The exception would be if you want to only enable the input when a Process is started/running.
Inverted – select if wired signal is inverted (contact always on - off trips the alarm).
On Delay – leave as default - causes a delay in milliseconds before the contact is turned on.
Off Delay – leave as default - causes a delay in milliseconds before the contact is turned off.
Linked To – leave this field as Not Set - this item will be addressed in Part # 3.

Step 7.
After the Transition is setup click on the Save & Exit button. The setup must be saved first before it can be linked in the following steps (Part #3).
3104 14.png

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