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Once a Pager been added to the system, it can be tested to ensure the setup is correct. After testing the pager, the user can test the facility pager signal strength.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. A Salcom 12-62 UHF Transmitter connected & installed on the computer (USB or Remote/Ethernet).
3. Paging Transmitter must be setup inside the VT3000 Core Software.
4. A Pager configured as an Output in the VT3000 Core Software.




Step 1.
Open the VT3000 web interface – select VT3000 Core Software - log in – select Communications.
3117 1.png

Step 2.
Select On-Site Pager for Destination Type.
3116 7.png

Step 3.
Select a pager to test - it will be highlighted.
3116 8.png

Step 4.
Enter a message - select Repeat Every 20 Seconds – select the Send button.
3116 5.png

Step 5.
A page will go out every 20 seconds. Walk around the facility to determine if there are any areas the page is not received. To stop the pager test - deselect the Repeat Every 20 Seconds or close the page.

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