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A Paging Transmitter is used to send messages to individual Pagers. This guide will explain how to install a USB paging transmitter.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. Physical access to the Paging Transmitter & VersaCall Computer/Server.
3. New Paging Transmitter hardware.

Hardware Components
Paging Transmitter
USB Cord
Power Cord


Step 1.
Contact VersaCall Support for the latest driver. Place the zip file on the VersaCall computer - unzip the file. NOTE: The file must be run on the VC computer.
Contact VersaCall Support for zip file.

Step 2.
Go to the location of the unzipped file - open the folder - select the Salcom-1262-PSD-v2109.msi file.
3122 2.png
3122 3.png

Step 3.
On the License Agreement window - select "I accept" for the terms - select the Install button.
3122 4.png

Step 4.
A status screen will show the installation progress - select Next button when installation is complete.
3122 5.png

Step 5.
On the Complete window - select "Install USB Driver" - select Finish button.
3122 6.png

Step 6.
On the Driver Installation window - select Install button.
3122 7.png

Step 7.
Select OK button once the installation is complete.
3122 9.png

Step 8.
Attach the Antenna to the Paging Transmitter.

Step 9.
Plug the Power Cord into the Paging Transmitter.

Step 10.
Plug the USB Cord into the Paging Transmitter.

Step 11.
Plug the Power Cord in the electrical outlet.

Step 12.
Find an open USB port on the back of the control unit - connect the USB cord - connect the power cord.
3121 7.png

Step 13.
Open the VT3000 web interface – log in – select Administration – select System Settings – select Service.
3122 10.png
3122 11.png
3122 12.png

Step 14.
Select Paging Transmitters tab.
3122 13.png

Step 15.
Select Plus icon.
3122 14.png

Step 16.
Transmitter Properties:
3122 15.png
Enabled – place a check mark in the box to enable.
Description – enter a name for the transmitter.
Driver – select Salcom 12-62 – USB.
Synchronization Code – leave this set to None unless told to change by a VersaCall Technician.
Connection Method – leave this set to Serial.
Port – click on the down arrow and select the “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge” port.

Step 17.
Select Yes on the Restart warning message. This must be done to complete the setup.
3102 22.png

Step 18.
Restart the VersaCall Service - Click here for Instructions.

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