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A Paging Transmitter is used to send messages to individual Pagers. This guide will show how to configure a remote transmitter that is on the same subnet as the VersaCall computer/server. IT will need to provide a static IP address that can be used for this device.

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. VersaCall Computer/Server plugged into your network via Ethernet connection.
3. New Paging Transmitter & RS-232 hardware.
4. The IP Address that the RS-232 is using once it is plugged into power & ethernet port. Your IT Department will need to provide this information by doing a MAC Address search. The MAC Address can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the RS-232 device.
5. Static IP, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway from your IT Department.
6. Open Ethernet port in the mounting location for the Paging Transmitter.
7. Two available 110VAC outlets for power in the mounting location for the Paging Transmitter.

Hardware Components
Paging Transmitter
Serial Cable
Power Cord
RS-232 Power Cord
Serial Cable


Step 1.
Connect the Serial Cable to the port on the Transmitter.

Step 2.
Connect the other end of the Serial Cable to the RS-232 device.

Step 3.
Connect the Power Cable to the Paging Transmitter.

Step 4.
Connect the Antenna to the Paging Transmitter.

Step 5.
Connect the Power Cable to the RS-232 device.

Step 6.
Connect the Ethernet Cable to the RS-232 device.

Step 7.
Connect the Ethernet Cable to your available port.

Step 8.
Connect both Power Cables to an Electrical Outlet.

Step 9.
Open a web browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) – enter the IP address for the port the RS-232 device is plugged into or the IP address from the MAC trace.
3103 2.png

Step 10.
Leave the Password blank – select the Login button.
3103 3.png

Step 11.
Enter any name to identify the transmitter – select the Next button.
3103 4.png

Step 12.
Enter IP address information provided by your IT department – select the Next button.
3103 5.png

Step 13.
Use the settings below.
Network Protocol – select TCP – select “to wait for connections”.
Port Number – enter 4000.
Limit – select 4 connections from the drop down list.
IP Address – enter the IP address of the VersaCall computer.
NOTE: The IP address shown in the image is for reference purposes - use the IP address of your VersaCall computer/server.

Step 14.
Select the Advanced button.
3103 7.png

Step 15.
Use the settings below.
3103 8.png
Advanced – click in the box next to “I want to control when connections would be forced to close” to place a check mark in it.
Network – click in the box next to “I want to close a connection” to place a check mark in it.
After the connection is idle - select this option - enter 2 in the minutes field.
Serial – uncheck the box and leave the milliseconds field blank.
Data Packets – do not select the option to control data packets.

Step 16.
Select the Next button.
3103 9.png

Step 17.
Use the settings below:
3103 10.png
Description – enter Serial Port 1
Mode – select RS-232
Baud Rate – select 9600
Data Bits – select 8-Bits
Stop Bits – select 1-Bit
Parity – select No Parity
Flow Control – select No Flow Control

Step 18.
Select the Next button.
3103 9.png

Step 19.
Select the Save button.
3103 11.png

Step 20.
Go to the VersaCall Computer - open the VT3000 home page - select Administration – System Settings – Service.
HT3100 2.png
HT3100 3.png
HT3100 4.png

Step 21.
Select the Paging Transmitter tab – select the add “+” icon.
3103 18.png

Step 22.
Use the settings below:
3103 19.png
Enabled – click on the box to place a check mark – this will enable the device.
Description – enter any name for the transmitter.
Driver – select the Salcom 12-62 - Remote driver from the list.
Synchronization Code – if installing multiple transmitters, use the different codes.
Connection Method – select TCP Client from the list.
Address – enter the Static IP address that you entered in Step 5.
Port – enter 4000.

Step 23.
Click on the Save & Exit button in the top right corner of the screen.
3103 20.png

Step 24.
Select Yes on the Restart warning message. This must be done to complete the setup.
3102 22.png

Step 25.
Restart the VersaCall Service - Click here for Instructions.
3102 25.png

Step 26.
Test the Transmitter - Click here for Instructions.

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