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When a Touch Screen is broken or stops operating properly, a new touch will be needed. Once the Touch Screen is received it will need to be paired with the I/O module through the Bluetooth connection. All touch screens connect to the I/O module in the same manner (BSC, TIM or PSM).

See Requirements Here
1. The VT3000 Core Software installed and running on your system.
2. A Coordinator must be setup, powered and communicating with the VT3000 Core Software.
3. A BSC, TIM or PSM I/O Module Powered and communicating with the VT3000 Software.
4. A Touch Screen powered and showing the VersaCall HMI interface.


Step 1.
Unpack the New Touch Screen and remove it from the box.

Step 2.
Unplug power from the old touch screen and remove it from the mount. Find the IO Module and make a note of the Bluetooth address printed on the sticker next to the power cord.

Step 3.
Mount the New Touch Screen in the same place that you removed the old touch screen. Once it is mounted plug in the power cord to an outlet.

Step 4.
You will see a message appear stating the screen needs to connected to an IO. The Bluetooth icon will show arrows indicating it is trying to connect.

Step 5.
Select the 3 squares in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6.
Enter the PIN - by default this is 7047 - select OK.

Step 7.
Select Exit on the menu that appears.

Step 8.
Select Launcher 3 from the menu that appears - select Just Once.

Step 9.
You will be sent to the Android home screen. Select the Up facing arrow in the middle of the screen.

Step 10.
The Apps screen will load - select the Settings App Icon.

Step 11.
Select the Connected Devices (Bluetooth, Cast) option.

Step 12.
Select Bluetooth (turn Bluetooth on with the toggle switch if it is off) from the Connected Devices menu.

Step 13.
A list of Bluetooth addresses will populate. Using the Bluetooth address that you wrote down in Step 2, use the last 4 numbers and find "RNBT-(those 4 numbers)" on the list - select it.

Step 14.
After a few seconds a Pairing window will show - select the Pair option.

Step 15.
After a few seconds the Connected Devices screen will show again. You may get a notification that states the pair was successful. Select the Circle (Home Icon) at the bottom of the screen.

Step 16.
Select VersaCall HMI from the pop up menu - select Always.

Step 17.
You will be returned to the VersaCall screen. Select the 3 squares in the top right corner.

Step 18.
Enter the same PIN as you did in Step 3 - select the OK button.

Step 19.
Select Settings from the menu.

Step 20.
Select the Link button in-line with the IO Module Heading under Bluetooth.

Step 21.
On the pop up window you will see the Bluetooth address of the pairing that was made in the previous steps - select it.

Step 22.
After a few seconds the page will refresh and show the IO Module as connecting. Wait until the status shows " Connected - Verified".

Step 23.
Once the status shows Verified select the Home icon (Circle at the bottom of the screen).

Step 24.
The IO and Touch Screen are now connected, you will need to update the configuration. Use one of the links below to get instructions on sending/updating the configuration.
Click Here for instructions on sending a Configuration to a New/Not Configured BSC.
Click Here for instructions on sending a Configuration to a New/Not Configured TIM, PSM.
Click Here for instructions on Updating the configuration on an existing BSC, TIM, or PSM.

Select a Guide Here
Guide on Pairing an IO with an Existing Touch Screen - BSC TIM PSM
Test the Signal Strength of the Bluetooth Connection on a BSC, TIM or PSM
Set the Correct Day & Time on a Touch Screen - BSC TIM PSM


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