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If you have one of the newer style Touch Screens with a USB port (see image below), you can use the instructions below to update the firmware/HMI app. If you have the older style touch screen you will need to CLICK HERE to return to the main update page and select the instructions for No USB.

See Requirements Here
1. 0001_00.apk file or a VHMI_(version).apk file from VersaCall Support.
2. USB Drive that can be used for the process.
3. An available computer that can accept the USB Drive.
4. At least one New Style Touch Screen.

Touch Screen Types


Step 1.
If you received a zip file, please unzip it. There will be either a 0001_00.apk file or a VHMI_(version).apk file inside the zip folder. If you did not receive a zip file, verify you received one of the .apk files shown below.
3143 1.png
3143 3.png

Step 2.
Copy the .apk file to your Documents folder.

Step 3.
Insert your USB Drive into an open USB port on your computer.

Step 4.
The USB drive will show in Windows Explorer under This PC. Open the USB Drive and delete any files.

Step 5.
Open your documents folder where you saved the .apk file.

Step 6.
Right click on the .apk file and select Copy.

Step 7.
Open the USB Drive.

Step 8.
Right click in the open files space and select Paste.

Step 9.
The .apk file should now show inside the USB Drive.

Step 10.
Remove the USB drive from your computer. Stop all Processes, Counts and Alarms on the device - you want nothing active on the station while updating the firmware.
CLICK HERE for instructions on how to clear active Processes, Counts and Alarms.

Step 11.
Go to the Touch Screen and remove it from its mount. Remove the back cover of the Touch Screen where the power cord goes in. There are only 2 screws on each side that need to be removed. Ensure the you leave it plugged in as you will need the touch screen powered in order to update the firmware.

Step 12.
Completely remove the cover from the touch screen. Ensure you save the cover and 2 screws that were removed.

Step 13.
Turn the touch screen on its side so that you are looking at the area under the cover that was removed. Plug your USB drive into one of the ports labeled USB.

Step 14.
Select the 3 squares in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 15.
Enter the PIN - by default this is 7047 - select OK.

Step 16.
Select Exit on the menu that appears.

Step 17.
Select Launcher 3 from the menu that appears - select Just Once.

Step 18.
You will be sent to the Android home screen. Select the Up facing arrow in the middle of the screen.

Step 19.
On the Apps screen select Explorer - it could be named Files as well.

Step 20.
Inside the Explorer App select USB.

Step 21.
Inside the USB Drive select the .apk file that you loaded.

Step 22.
An installer app will open - select the Install option in the bottom right corner.

Step 23.
When the app is updated you will see an App Installed screen - click on the Open option in the bottom right corner.

Step 24.
The App/HMI is now updated and you will be returned to your BSC, TIM or PSM configuration. You may need to update the configuration on the module. You can remove the USB Drive from the touch screen, attach the back cover and remount the device.
CLICK HERE for instructions on updated the Configuration on a BSC, TIM or PSM.

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